The Website Design Process

Below is the 1 week website design process explained in detail & what I need from my client in each step.


Inspiration Board:
The inspiration board is the starting point for the 2 week process. It makes sure you and I are on the same page visually. I use the images you’ve collected on your Pinterest board, to pull in colors, patterns, textures, and photos that visually represent the tone and theme of your new brand.

Items I need from my client:

  • Access to your Pinterest board
  • A simple but to-the-point description for each pin and why the photo was included in the board.

Website Design:
I start by mapping out the site to ensure that the layout is simple and intuitive. Then the fun part of adding your brand elements begins! Blog and e-commerce design are also included if initially stated.

Items I need from my client:

  • Idea of what your are look for (website purpose, e-commerce, blogging, etc.)
  • Pages you want included on your website (about, contact, etc.)
  • Text and photos for each page
  • Admin access to your Squarespace site to design the website (if you need help with this please let us know)

Launch Day:
Let's celebrate you and your launch! Once you launch your new brand and website we will promote it on social media! Your hard work deserves to shine bright!

This 2 week process was originally created by Lauren Hooker at Elle & Co, but adapted to work with our business.