What Makes LCC's 1:1 Brand + Website
Program So Different?

When it comes to creating a brand and website, many businesses struggle with what they need to include and where they should begin. Before we start building the brand and website, we need to lay down the foundation for the brand. A brand is more than just a pretty logo and name. Contrary to popular belief, a brand needs more than these basic items. 

1. A strong brand message
(the foundation of the brand) that connects with their dream clients.
2. Copy on the website that keeps clients interested and leading them to purchasing their products and services.
3. Products and services that exceed their customers expectations.

Does your brand and website have all three?

I know how hard it is to create a brand and website. I've been there myself and with my experience I have also been able to help many entrepreneurs create clear and cohesive brands and websites that connect with their dream customers.

When you have a clear and cohesive brand and website that connects with your dream clients and you mix that with your exceptional products and services, they will turn into loyal and raving fans. This 1:1 program will help you create your clear and cohesive brand and website, you just have to bring your awesome products and services!

This program is done with me, Lauren Brown, the creator of Left Coast Creativity. I have studied and worked within the graphic design field for over 8 years and as such am well versed and informed about brand and website design. 


1. Learn how to clarify and implement your brand's message and your brand's values and dream client with proven methods I've learned and implemented from the best. I can't wait to share these super valuable nuggets with you! 

2. Help collaborate on and receive a beautiful, clear and cohesive brand identity and website* that aligns with your brand's message, values, and attracts your dream clients with this easy step-by-step process. 

3. Have continued support and help from me on support calls where you can ask any questions that you may have.  

*Lauren will do all the designing and building, so you can sit back and relax!

As Donald Miller says, "The human brain is drawn to CLARITY and away from confusion. If customers are confused about what you offer, they’ll look past you for somebody who can say it clearly."

So, how much is an unclear brand and website costing you right now? Investing in a clear brand and cohesive website will help you keep confusion away and help grow your business with clarity.

Enroll in the 1:1 program today.
Why? Because without a clear and cohesive brand and website you'll be passed over for someone else who can say it clearly.