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Giving Tuesday started as a way for me to be able to give back. I did a roundup of a few companies who were giving back in their businesses. So many people liked it and asked for more I decided to make it a weekly thing. Each week had it’s own theme and a little background about the business on Instagram. Then we created a blog post to go along with it. I had to stop over the summer, but it will be coming back in January. You can check out my Instagram to see a full spread -> www.instagram.com/leftcoastmade.
Me and my intern last spring stepped it up and applied these weekly Giving Tuesday roundups to my stories and got a great response! Here is an example of one:

Squarespace Tip Story

Showing my audience a quick and simple weekly Squarespace Tip that they can screenshot and follow step-by-step. I get a lot of


Pinterest & Blog Post Graphics

Schedule Website Template - Blog (1).png
Website Planning Template - Blog (1).png



12 Days of Giving Tuesday Story GIF

12 Days of Giving Tuesday was created to spread awareness of social businesses this holiday season. Each day for the first 12 days of December my team and I chose what a social business to highlight. I believe every company has the ability to give back in some way. Whether it be through donations, using their social platforms, or the one-for-one model Tom’s Shoes uses. I created this gif/video in
Canva and edited it in Adobe Rush CC.


Website Audit Infographic

I created this infographic for my website audit service to show my
potential clients how easy the whole process is.