How to Make Your Text Fancy for an Instagram Photo

Hey, Peeps!

Want to upgrade your text game for your Instagram photos? Look no further! Let's make you into a Fancy-Text-Master.

1. Open Photoshop. I'm still in the dinosaur age and have CS5.5, but the tools and buttons are the same for CS6, so don't worry if my layout looks a little different.

2. Open a new file (File > New) and when the "New" box pops up set your pixel dimensions and everything else as I did in the photo below. These are the dimensions for an Instagram photo.

Keyboard shortcut for Macs: command + n

Keyboard shortcut for PCs: control + n

3. Double click on the "Background" layer on the right hand side. The "New Layer" box with pop up and you can rename it or leave it as Layer 0 (I will be referring to this as Layer 0 for the tutorial). Click OK.

TIP: By double clicking you are unlocking the layer and allowing editing to be done to it. 


4. Click on the Horizontal Type Tool. 

Keyboard Shortcut: t


5. Adjust the size of the font and the font you would like to use. I chose Century Gothic and 24pt.


6. Click on the background and start typing.


7. To adjust the horizontal distance in between the words highlight the words with the Horizontal Type Tool. Then hold down the "Option" button on a Mac and "Alt" button on a PC and the "Up Arrow" or the "Down Arrow" button at the same time to adjust the distance.

FACT: The proper word for this adjustment is called "leading", because back in the day when printers used lead letters to print on paper they separated the distance in between the lines with smooth lead blocks.

TIP: To adjust the spacing in between the letters hold down the "Option" button on a Mac and "Alt" button on a PC and the left or right arrow buttons to track them closer or further apart. 


8. To make your text centered on the page select your click on your Layer 0 while holding down shift click on your Text layer and click on the "Align Horizontal Centers" button (shown in the photo). There is also a "Align Vertical Centers" button three to the left. This will center your text if you're into that :).


9. Now, let's get F-A-N-C-Y! Click on your text layer and go down to the bottom of the Layers Panel and click on the "Add A Layer Style" button (shown in the photo below). 


10. The "Layer Style" box will pop up and now you can pick and choose and play around with the various options and settings. GET FANCY, babe! 

The pictures below show examples of what I did! 


Learn how to change the background color here!


Don't forget to save your beautiful work! Save both as a Photoshop file (editable) and a PNG file (use to upload to Instagram).


Way to go, babe! You're a Fancy-Text-Master now! If you have ANY questions please let me know in the comments below. Is there any Photoshop tutorial you would like to see next? 

Have a good one!