Valentine’s Day Collection from 

Valentine’s Day Collection from 

Sex-y Time Collection from February 2018

Sex-y Time Collection from February 2018

Giving Tuesday VA Position

VA Position for Left Coast Creativity’s Weekly “Giving Tuesdays”

My name is Lauren Brown and I run Left Coast Creativity where I help creative entrepreneurs by designing their websites. I also have a “giving” part of my business, called “Giving Tuesday”. The purpose of this is to shine a light and encourage small businesses that are changing the way we give back in business. These small businesses are giving back in many ways, not just with donating money. With this part of my businesses I want it to inspire my audience to give back in their businesses. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Every month is based around a theme(s). For March it is “Spring Cleaning” & “Travel”
  2. I come up with 8-9 topics based around the theme(s) that my audience votes on via Instagram Stories polls.
  3. For example for March some of the topics where:
    1. Decluttering
    2. Books (for the plane)
    3. Cleaning Products (plant based)
    4. Skincare
  4. The top 4 (or 5 depending on how many Tuesdays are in a month ;)) are chosen and then I research each topic and find small businesses that are related to the topics. 
  5. Then every Tuesday I post a topic on my feed and in my stories and people can then check out each account and follow along on their journeys.

 You can find me on Instagram @leftcoastcreativity and check out my past Giving Tuesday Collections there! If you are interested in working with me please let Maria know and we will get in contact.

This isn’t a paid position right now, but I do hope to make it one in the future. I can’t promise it will be anytime soon, so this work will be for people who want gain experience and grow their portfolios. Or for people who want to start giving back in their own businesses.

Don’t worry this isn’t one of those gigs that takes 5 minutes or isn’t related to what the job description says. You will be researching the small businesses, creating graphics in Canva (I have templates you can use), and writing up little bios for each business to be used as blog posts to post on my website.

In the near future I will also need help writing newsletters around each topic. I have some growing interest from my audience. As you can see this is a growing operation and it’s a ton of fun learning all about incredible small businesses and creating connections! Can’t wait to talk with you! 



P.S. If there are multiple people interested I am open to having more people helping! Thank you so much!