Are you a coach or creative entrepreneur on
a mission to create a brand you love?


  • I'm talking about a brand that will motivate you to get up in the morning and do work you absolutely love.

  • A brand that you want to show off to anyone who will look and listen.

  • One that gets your audience excited, keeps them coming back, and takes you seriously.

  • A brand that is absolutely unique to you and has you standing out online.

  • You're ready or almost ready to say goodbye to your 9-5 and make your part-time love into a full on romance

  •  Abrand that is cohesive across all your platforms.

  • Ready to dive deep into the background of your brand and get a clear vision of your brand

I've been where you are and know how frustrating
it can be not having a brand that you love.


If you're anything like me you want a brand that you are proud of and can proudly show off to anyone without having the need to explain yourself as to why you decided to create it the way you did.

It can be discouraging when you're explaining yourself and look at your branding everyday and think, "I can't stand the way this looks."

It's hard to scroll through Instagram and Facebook and constantly see these beautiful graphics and well branded pictures and feel unmotivated by their work.

You might feel like you're wasting your time and that it's hopeless to keep following your dream of being a creative entrepreneur or coach. 

Time is running out!

But your time is NOW.

The sheer fact that other women have beautiful brands, is proof that everything you want is available to you, too. 

You get to create a business based on your passions and be guided by your desire for fulfillment. You get to follow your heart and do the work you were created for. There's so much more to life than 2-week vacations and living for the weekend... your time to pursue it is now. Will you claim your calling?

3 Branding Mistakes Creative Entrepreneurs & Coaches
Make That Keep Their Brands Under The Radar
(and how you can avoid making them!).

Not keeping their branding cohesive across all the platforms they use.

Not having a target audience for their brand or having everyone as their audience.

Not knowing their brand's personality or having the
wrong personality.

I've talked to women who either don't know how to keep their branding consistent everywhere or they don't think they need to. 
It's very important to keep your branding consistent across all your platforms. To fix this use the same colors, fonts, and logos to create a more cohesive brand. 

Having a a target audience is an important part when creating a brand. Without a target audience how would you know who to market your products and services towards?
Having everyone as your target market is too broad. You can't make everyone like your product. Narrowing down your audience will attract the people you actually want to work with!

Knowing your brand's personality is the foundation of your brand. The way to figure this out is first figuring out your target audience. Then you want to figure your out your brand's adjectives. Once you have done these two things you will have your brand's personality. 
To take action and figure out these important aspects click the links below!

This is your time to create a brand
that is unique to who you are!

I'm Lauren Brown, a graphic designer who focuses on creating brands + website my clients love and are unique to them. 

And even though, probably like you, I've made my fair share of mistakes creating my own brand. I have a graphic design degree and yet I still made mistakes creating a brand that I love and is unique to me.
Today, I've been able to build a brand + website that I love... and I'm going to show you how you can do the same today!

"The work that Lauren has created for me has been exceptional right from the start. Lauren was interested in listening to my ideas,  description of what my business was about, used different media tools to develop the idea. Then sent me many many fresh new ideas, hard to pick just one. Lauren's ability to understand and to translate these concepts,  she was able to come up with a beautiful website and a new logo for my company I'm very pleased and would highly recommend her."

- Melinda | Glow Studio


60 Days To A Brand You Love.

A complete branding program that will guide you to creating
a brand that you love so that you can stand out online.

I've taken everything I've learned from building several of my own online businesses from scratch, creating a multiple 6-figure brand & helping hundreds of women entrepreneur's across the globe launch their businesses and I packaged it all into a high-level training program that not only teaches you the success strategies of online business but walks you through implementing the proven processes that will allow you to creatively build an online business that feels good to you and gets you massive results.

Gamechanger's Academy isn't just another group coaching
program teaching you theories and leaving you confused
about how to put the pieces together in your business.

You'll walk away with...

  •  A confident money mindset so making money comes naturally to you and you're no longer scraping by at the end of each month to pay your bills. Instead, you'll be easily attracting wealth each month to hit your financial goals AND have money BANKED!
  • A clear business model that fits your lifestyle and money goals perfectly so you know EXACTLY what you're selling (a program or a course), who you're selling to, and total confidence to sell your services because we both know your work makes a difference.
  • A crystal clear Client Attraction Plan for tapping into a never-ending flow of new clients, customers and buyers for your programs or courses. AKA never run out of clients ever again!
  • A Complete Marketing Plan to get your offers out in the world, in front of eager customers, and to create your influencer status in your industry as a leader and visionary.
  • An A-Z 6-Figure Launch Plan that has generated multiple 6-figures in one single launch that you can model for your own program launches over and over again. #noceiling
  • Your entire Sexy Sales Funnel crafted from start to finish that you can set on automate and literally get new leads, make money and grow your business while you sleep or lounge on the beach.

Let's break it down.
Here's what is included:

Module One:
Uncovering Your Unique Brand Identity

  • Not sure who your ideal customer is? Or what your brand personality is? I will personally help you uncover these answers right from the beginning. In this module you will get my step-by-step processes for figuring out who your
    ideal client is, your brand's personality, and what you truly want your brand to represent.
  • In this module I will show you how to map out your exact business model from A-Z so you're never confused about
    how you'll make money ever again.
  • It doesn't matter which business model you choose, I will show you exactly how to create your offer so it sells and
    gets your clients awesome results!

Module Two:
Creating Your Ideal Logo

  • In this module I will explain what a logo is, why it's important, and my exact process of how to select what type
    of logo you should use and how to create it.

Module Three:
Creating A Brand Style Guide

  • In this module I 

Module Four:
Creating Your Business Stationary

  • In this module

Module Five:
Creating A Sitemap For Your Website

  • In this module

Module Six:
Setting Up Your Squarespace Site

  • In this module

Module Seven:
Designing Your Squarespace Site

  • In this module

Module Eight:
Let's Launch Your New Brand!

  • In this module

That's not it! There's more...

  • Live Q&A calls