Why Your Website Doesn’t Need To Cost MAJOR Bucks To Look The Part

Investing in a website can be daunting. From the process of finding a web designer to choosing what platform to use to the many zeros in the price tag. It can all be TOO MUCH

Well, I’m here to get honest with you and tell you, your website doesn’t NEED to cost thousands of dollars. Did your shoulders just drop a little? Good!

How is this possible? With my Simple Website Kit, but first let's talk about you. If you’re reading this blog post you’re more than likely in the first few years of your business or just not interested in spending major bucks on your website.

The majority of the time as a newer business owner you can’t afford to dish out thousands of dollars in the first few years of running your business and you shouldn’t have to! You have plenty of other things to pay for and take care of.

I see it time and time again and I’ve been there myself. My background is originally in the print side of graphic design, not web design. I got into web design because I couldn’t afford a web designer. Luckily, as time when on I actually began to enjoy it and eventually fell in love with it. But, at the beginning it was SO OVERWHELMING and FRUSTRATING to figure out where and how to build and design a website!

I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed or frustrated when it comes to your website, let’s just skip that part all together, okay? Cool!

That's why I created The Simple Website Kit, so it’s actually POSSIBLE to skip over the overwhelm and frustration. This kit allows you to be able to AFFORD a beautiful website and control the style of it without having to do it yourself. I do all the
tech-y side of things, you just have to dream up your website!  

This kit starts with the basics: Home page, About page, Services/Products page, Contact page, Return Policy page, Terms of Service page, and Privacy Policy page. It’s all built and designed in Squarespace (the subscription cost is not included in this kit, but Squarespace is VERY affordable and user friendly).

If one or more of these pages doesn’t fit for you, not a problem, you can switch them out for other pages from the A La Carte Menu. As long as they are equal in value and if they aren’t you’ll be charged the difference (which is still affordable).

As our business expands so does our website, so in the future when you need more pages you can always come back to select more from the A La Carte Menu and my return SWK clients receive 10% off! 

If this is screaming out to you or you know someone who would benefit and love this check out the kit here —> The Simple Website Kit

The sign up process is quick and easy and you’ll be on your way to a beautiful and affordable Squarespace website before you can say, "Simple Website Kit" 5 times fast ;)