So What IS A Brand, Anyway? + A Free Worksheet To Define Your Brand's Target Audience.

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Today I want to talk about a very good question I’ve always gotten. Before we get started the worksheet to help you define your brand's target audience is here.

“What is a brand?
A brand is so much more than your visuals. It’s more than a logo, or the colors you’ve chosen. It’s the story you’re telling. It’s the personality of your business. (Yep, it’s true: your business can have a personality!)

It’s how people feel when they interact with you and your business.



You’ve gotta ask yourself how people are going to feel about your business at each point along their journey.
How do they feel when:

  • They come to your website. Is it easy to get around?
  • They email you. Do they get a friendly reply? Or maybe crisp and professional?
  • They receive your email autoresponder series.
  • They find you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Once your potential clients and customers have a feel for your brand based on their experiences and interactions, they’re going to associate these values with your brand’s visuals– your logo, your website, your brand colors and more.  

See how it’s all connected? That’s why it’s so important to have your brand carefully designed—so it can be consistent with the voice of your business.

Let’s take a brand visual that seems to be everywhere: the Google logo. It’s a crisp, accessible design, sure. But over time you’ve probably started associating it with speed, information, and knowledge. The logo is definitely good, but it’s been elevated to the next level because of how your experiences with the brand have made you feel. In the public’s mind, it could definitely be described as iconic.

With everything you do, you’re creating your brand.
Even if your logo and other brand visuals are fantastic, if you’re producing low-quality content, or putting your customer service on the back burner, people will eventually start to see those brand visuals as very negative.
Branding takes honesty, but also strategy. It requires a deep look inside yourself. It takes listening to what people really want, and incorporating it into what you do.

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do, and why?
  • How can you tell people what you do?
  • Who should you tell?

Great branding comes from answering these questions, then lining up your visuals with the answers in a way that creates connection, makes you memorable, and tells your story.

It’s a process I’ve spent my creative life refining and that I love to collaborate on with my clients!

If it sounds like a challenging task—well, it is, especially if you try to jump into the process all alone. But when you get it right and your brand truly becomes one-of-a-kind, you’ll see: all the hard work was all worth it.

To telling your story and creating connections,

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Let me know: what brands inspire you, and why? :)


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