The Women's Fashion Collection: 9 Ethical & Affordable Shops You Need To Know About

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Happy Giving Tuesday, friends! 

I have got a FABULOUS lineup today that I am so excited to share with you. There are some adorable, affordable, sustainable goodies in here that you should probably go buy right now! But before we get to that, I want to share something else with you. This week's Giving Tuesday is in honor of Fashion Revolution Week which is happening right now. What is this all about? I'm so glad you asked. :) 

Fashion Revolution is a collaboration of global fashion industry members who "believe in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure." This week (April 23-29) is their #whomademyclothes campaign which takes place on the anniversary of the 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh where 1,138 people were killed and several others injured. Fashion Revolution Week encourages brands and producers to respond with the hashtag #imadeyourclothes and show transparency. 

With that said, I give you the Women's Fashion Collection: Clothing, Shoes & Accessories - enjoy!
(And guys, don't worry, we'll do a men's collection soon!) 



Price Range: $15-$50

Affordable clothing that looks good, feels good and is made good? Sign me up!

These clothes are made with eco-friendly materials such as certified organic cotton - which directly translates to deliciously soft! Pact seeks out Fair Trade Certified™ factories because in their words “comfort should never come at the cost of other people or our planet.” How can you argue with that?

Pact has got you covered (literally) when it comes to clothing. See what I did there? Anyways, they offer bralettes, underwear, socks, sweatshirts, leggings, tops, sleepwear, dresses, pants and shorts. Did I mention how crazy AFFORDABLE they are too? Sweatshirts and dresses start at $40 with leggings and pants starting as low as $30…hello bargain shopping! Anything you choose, you can’t go wrong here.


Price Range: $25-$70

Citizen and Darling is a clothing line founded by two gal pals, Karina and Christina, who are inspired by a similar passion for fashion and philanthropy. They call their tribe or customers “Freedom Fighters” because with every purchase of their items, 10% of each design goes to nonprofits who are fighting “the ever growing epidemic of modern day slavery and human trafficking.” How many people are victims of this terrible tragedy?

27 million. And you know what else? 84% of victims in confirmed cases are U.S. citizens.

It’s mind-blowing to grasp the magnitude of this “epidemic” but C&D is striving to change lives for as many victims as they can. As it is so well put on their website, “Just as the free can show their identity through fashion, it can also represent the millions in bondage.” Their tops and accessories are adorable and when you purchase from this company, you are literally saving lives.


Price Range: $20-$80

When an apparel company makes over 80% of their garments with sustainable materials and processes, they ain’t messing around. Am I right? Alternative Apparel prides themselves on creating sustainable, simple clothing that is globally produced only in factories that are compliant with Fair Labor Association (FLA) Workplace Code of Conduct. Click here if interested in learning more about their social responsibility.

Like Pact, their clothing line includes tops, bottoms, dresses, activewear and outerwear.  “Last Chance” is their sale section (YAS!) so you should definitely skim through and see what goodies you can find...I know you want to.  Another interesting feature on their site is the ability to browse by “Fabric Innovation” choosing between clothes made out of 100% Cotton, Eco-Fleece, Lenzing Modal, Vintage French Terry and more!



Image source

Image source

Price range: $50-$90

If any of you watch Shark Tank, then you may have seen this company walk out of the tank with no deal in hand back in Season 6. Sseko (meaning “laughter” in Lugandan) Designs was created out of a desire from founder, Liz Bohannon, to create an opportunity for Ugandan women to earn an income and receive an education. But they do so much more than that! To sum it up simply, “through the sale of beautiful handbags, accessories and leather sandals, we create opportunity and community for women globally.” What’s incredible is that every woman who has completed their 9-month employment program has gone into higher education.  Sseko has helped 106 women to attend university so far! Sseko doesn’t just help women in Uganda, but also here in the States through their Sseko Fellows Program. With this program, resources are provided for women to sell Sseko and launch their own “ethical and impactful direct sales business.”

Sseko carries an array of other beautiful artisan accessories but today we are highlighting their sandals! There are a variety of beautiful sandals and flip flops but their most iconic pair is the ribbon sandal (and pictured above). Available with interchangeable straps and accents, you can wear these every which way because they’re versatile and stylish - win-win! This company is writing a new narrative for the lives of women in Africa and the U.S. so you can certainly feel good making a purchase from them.


Price Range: $50-$70

BANGS Shoes was founded by Hannah Davis centered around their vision to provide footwear to cultivate a meaningful community with lasting impact. And how can shoes make an impact? We mentioned Sseko of course (and there are many others!) but BANGS has an innovative approach. They’ve built a business model where they invest 20% of their net profit to help people start their businesses! 

Entrepreneurs are hand-selected and vetted first, then the loans and repayment are facilitated by their nonprofit partner, You know what’s amazing? 99% of the loans given out by Kiva are repaid! So clearly, these businesses have a very high success rate.  And guess what? Bangs Shoes doesn’t get a cut from the loans paid back, they RE-INVEST these loans with new entrepreneurs! According to their website, to date BANGS Shoes has helped invest in 1,150 entrepreneurs in 69 countries. How stinkin’ cool is that?! And fun fact: BANGS in Mandarin means help. You're welcome. 

The inspiration for BANGS Shoes came from simple work boots worn by hardworking farmers and workers in China. Their shoes are produced in a family-owned factory in Asia and are 100% vegan! And if you’re interested, they have a global brand ambassador program as well.


Price Range: $70-$100

Avarcas are the traditional footwear found in Menorca, Spain and thanks to Jose and Noelia, the husband-wife duo and founders of Avarcas USA, they've brought themselves and their beautiful shoes to the U.S.! To ensure authenticity, Avarcas works exclusively with the PONS brand, a family-owned business in Ciutadella who have been manufacturing avarcas since 1945. These shoes are made of all-natural leather and the eco-friendly soles are made of recycled tires. The PONS Avarcas are the "fashionably updated version of the traditional avarca" so you may have heard them referred to as PONS. They're the same thing! 

With a variety of colors and designs, you'll have no problem finding a pair you love (they carry up to size 11). You'll also find another type of shoe they've recently introduced called the "Espadrilles". These beautiful shoes are handcrafted in a small workshop in La Rioja, Spain ran by the Laro family. You can buy shoes for the whole family (kids too!) and they also have an outlet section for markdowns so you might as well! 



Image source

Image source

Price Range: $100-$200

Marloe carries a variety of leather and vegan backpacks and totes that are handmade with quality fine fabrics and genuine leather. These lovely bags are produced in their own L.A.-based warehouse, sweat-shop free. Marloe takes their time in making these quality products (between 1-3 weeks for production) and are carefully created by the founder Analisa and her production assistants! Gotta love the small business touches. 

Nothing goes to waste with Marloe either. In their production, they use every part of the hide and whatever isn’t used directly for their handbags collects in scrap bins for community workshops and their cardholder wallets. That is what I call being resourceful! Their goals are to always be made in the U.S., sustainable in practice and remaining affordable.


Image source

Image source

Price Range: $10 and up

The Little Market is “a nonprofit founded by women to empower women” but it’s really not so little! This fair trade online market hosts a plethora of beautiful and handcrafted goods made by artisans all over the world. With the story starting at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) where two women formed a friendship, their journey took them to the markets of Bali and El Salvador. It was there they discovered the hardworking women artisans who created stunning pieces of art and were inspired to find a way to get these products to a larger audience. With the help from some other nonprofits, an online platform was made to form what’s now The Little Market.

In their accessories department you’ll find hats, jewelry, a variety of bags (totes, reusable, etc.), keychains and more. You can even create a baby or wedding registry! Through the networking of cooperatives and social enterprises, your purchases help provide meaningful income for these artisans and their families. So be sure to check them out because you’ll find one-of-a-kind products for anyone you’re looking to give a gift to - even the fellas!


Price Range: $10 and up

As you can probably see from the picture above, this eclectic online boutique is all about women supporting women. Hello Holiday believes that they must use their business platform to influence policy and issues affecting underrepresented women. Their hardcore mission is summed up like this: “Women. Resistance. Limitless ambition. Bravery. Doing it anyway.” To learn more about what they do and all that they’ve funded, click here.

With fun and colorful accessories from hats, sunglasses, jewelry to bags and more, every fun-loving gal is bound to find something to express their bold style!

Well folks, that is all for this week. I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for stopping by! Go show these amazing businesses some love on social media. 

Did you enjoy this edition of the Giving Tuesday blog? Planning on buying something from one of these companies you're excited about?  Tell me in the comments below, I'd love to hear about it! 

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