Mother's Day Collection: Your Fair Trade Gift Guide

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A happy Giving Tuesday and happy May 1st to you! 

Spring has sprung and boy am I glad to see it arrive! That also means the appreciation days for our parents are approaching with Mother's Day coming first, naturally. May 13th is the big day so I'm asking...have you figured out what to get your mom or mother figure in your life to show them how much you appreciate them? In this simplified list, there's a gift for every type of mom. So you better hurry up and get shopping because it's coming up quick...let's do this! 

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Justin’s is notoriously known for their nut butters but their peanut butter cups are apparently just as delicious! Sourced from high-quality, local ingredients, these treats are packed in recyclable packaging full of organic flavor and passion. Justin’s cares for their community and the environment by participating in relief efforts with Conscious Alliance, Whole Planet Foundation and supports sustainability initiatives regarding pollination conservation with Xerces Society and Growing Gardens.

Founded by Justin Gold, his passion for quality ingredients and ambitious attitude brought him from creating nut butter in his little kitchen with a food processor to becoming Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young. His heart is in these products and you can practically taste it. Their peanut butter cups come in dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate flavors also available in mini sizes. If your mom has a sweet tooth, these will surely earn you favorite child rights for at least a month (but we can't make any promises).

You can find these products at a retailer near you or online.  

Price Range: $2-$50

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Café Mam

Coffee - everyone’s favorite present every day! But for Mother’s Day, you can make it extra special by getting your sweet mom Café Mam (pronounced “mom” - oh, the irony!). Café Mam Coffee isn’t just any coffee’s 100% organically grown, 100% fairly traded and shade grown. What makes them even better is that 2% of proceeds of purchase go to nonprofits dedicated to organic, social justice and environmental causes. Their coffee is grown by native Mayan farmers in Chiapas, Mexico and  Cafe Mam treats their farmers well with the “recognition of a living wage based coffee price.” So these farmer are able to work and support their families well.

With a wide assortment of coffee blends from light to dark, you won’t have any trouble finding something for your caffeine-loving mom. Their top 5 coffees are featured here and packaged in new 100% compostable bags. In addition to their coffees, other products you’ll find are coffee tumblers and flasks, chocolate covered beans, organic blueberry fruit spread, and other goodies. So you can get your mom coffee and something to drink it out of too!

Price Range: $6-$45

They're not a coffee-lover? Here's a company that sells high-quality tea just in case! 


The Night Sky 

If your mom is the sentimental type, then this gift is THE way to go. This one doesn’t necessarily fall into the “fair trade” category, so forgive me for that but I just think this is such a sweet gift to give to anyone, especially our mothers! Doesn’t matter if she’s a crier or not, this is bound to bring on the tears (tears = your gift was the best!).

So how does this work? It’s actually quite simple. You select the location and date then you can include a custom message on it as well. Then you can choose the theme color and can choose to include or remove the constellations and grid. You can also give it a nice customized title and then boom! You’re done.

Price Range: $49-$75

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The Bouqs Co.

Flowers are always a classy, loving gift so ditch the boring bouquet of roses and baby’s breath and go for something unique and fresh! This is where The Bouqs Co. comes in. You wanna talk about fresh? How about ordering a bouquet that is freshly cut to order? Now THAT is fresh. As you scroll through the beautiful offerings on their site, you’ll also see what farmer grows the flowers and learn a little about them. Such a nice personal touch, isn’t it?

The Bouqs Co. partners with farmers from all over with their Farm to Table bouquets which are cut the day you order them and shipped to you from that farm. These farm partners practice sustainability, eco-friendly farming and they prevent waste by cutting only what they sell. Most floral companies waste 1 out of 3 stems! For Mother’s Day, on select bouquets indicated, 20% of your purchase will go to support the organization No Kid Hungry to provide at least 500,000 meals to children in need. To support and shop their collection, click here.

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We also have a special bonus for you from our lovely friend, Kate Laing, of KATEWORKS Studio!
Instead of throwing out your bouquet you get/give on Mother's Day try out a dry flowered wall! Kate explains it so well:

"My mom had the most beautifully wild garden when I was small. She’d spend hours planting new roots and tending the blooms that were being choked by weeds. For Mother’s Day, my sisters and I loved going to the garden store to pick out new flowers for her to plant.

I would adore to be a gardener like my mom, but I’ll be honest in saying I did not inherit her green thumb. My own windowsill garden lasted about a month — one day I opened my curtains to find the small sprouts withered and brown. Never fear if you (or your dear mom) are in the same, plant-killing boat as me. I have a solution that you can use to have flowers in the house — without having to tend to them. There’s a wall in my apartment that I’ve covered with intentionally dried blooms, suitably called my “flower wall.”

The process I use for drying flowers is incredibly simple and I use very minimal tools. In fact, all I use are scissors, masking tape and a bouquet of flowers. This is a process you can use for your own home if you’re hosting Mother’s Day brunch — or ask your mom if you can gift her a flower wall installation for this year.

Laing 2.jpg

1.     Find a bouquet of flowers.
Foraging is my favorite way to collect stems. If you want to put on your explorer’s shoes, do a little research to find out what’s growing in your area! Trader Joe’s also never fails to have fresh blooms. You can also support your local farmers markets when they’re in season.

2.     Take each individual stem, thank it for being lovely and trim the stem to the length you desire.
If you want, you can allow the bouquet to exist upright in a vase with water for a few days, because gravity will change the flowers’ shape before you complete the upside-down drying process. Otherwise, you can choose to immediately turn the stems upside down. Feel free to experiment!

3.     Tear off a piece of durable masking tape in whatever color you choose.
Make sure the stem is completely dry and attach the tape. Turn the flower upside down and tape it to your wall.

4.     Continue Steps 2 and 3 until you have a flower wall in your space.
Stagger the flowers’ placements a little and place them in what feels like the right spot.

5.     Watch the flowers change as they dry over time.
Be patient and appreciate the beauty. Stop and look at them every day to notice the subtle differences.



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As beautiful as flowers are, they are perishable and their lives are short after being cut. The reality is that most gifted bouquets and arrangements end up in the trash can once they start wilting. That’s why a flower wall is not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly — recycling blooms and giving them a new purpose keeps them out of the landfills.

If your mom doesn’t want a flower wall in her home (not everybody does, and that’s okay) — consider gifting her an ethically sourced bouquet for Mother’s Day. In the next day or two, you both could bring the flowers to a nursing home, hospital or homeless shelter. Flowers have a simple magic that welcomes joy to the room. Though temporary, residents and patients will likely appreciate having fresh blooms in their space for a few days.

If you decide you don’t want to keep dried blooms in your home, give back to the earth and keep biodegradable materials out of landfills! Instead of throwing wilted flowers in the trash (bouquets and greenery clippings included), see if you might be able to compost them. I’m by no means a composting expert, but this is a great way to contribute nutrients to garden soil. Just be sure you do a little research on what can be composted or not before you try this one out.

There really and truly are plenty of ways that you could reuse and recycle flowers. Natural dyeing processes, arts & crafts, wreath making, potpourri, pressing petals between book pages, even for cooking in some instances — all are viable options for those Mother’s Day bouquets to retain floral beauty, rather than adding to the landfills. Though… my personal favorite method forever and always will be creating flower walls."

Kate Laing

BIO //

Kate Laing is a writer, maker and explorer in pursuit of cultivating bravery. She is the woman behind KATEWORKS Studio and the founder of Bravery Mission. Botanical work, weaving and illustration are her current artistic focuses. She is a forever camp counselor and a writer of words laced in love. She's been told that she's the human equivalent of a basset hound, which she wears as a badge of honor.

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