5 Simple Snacks Making a Big Impact

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We live in a big world. Within a big world there can be a lot of big problems. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed because it appears that I really can't make a difference or even the slightest impact on these big problems. But today, I have found encouragement because of these simple snacks. Instead of feeling bogged down by all the negativity in the world, these snack brands decided to do something about it. They made the decision to believe that the smallest treats in life can also make the biggest difference. And how right they are. 
WARNING: You may be inspired to action after learning about these incredible companies and their delicious snacks! 


“We couldn’t find delicious chocolate that fit our specs. So we made our own.”

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Location: New York, NY (Visit them the next time you’re in Union Square!)

Price: $25+

How they give back: “We started Hu to help people get back to eating, living, and thriving like humans.” Hu Kitchen strives for health and wellness in their production and their philosophy hinges on these 6 things to “get back to human”: Unprocess, Move, Sleep, Laugh, Play, Experiment. This company is highly passionate about high quality food that is natural and in its purest form. Their chocolate is 70% stone ground dark chocolate with fair trade cacao qualifying as vegan and paleo. You won’t find any GMOs, dairy, emulsifiers, gluten and more in this delicious New York chocolate. It’s no question you’re getting the best of the best with Hu Kitchen.

Where to buy it: Online


“Changing the world one cookie at a time”

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Location: Boston, MA

Price: $28.95+

How they give back: Collette Divitto is the founder and creator of Collettey’s Inc., a nonprofit, and she was born with Down Syndrome. Collette has always had a strong passion for baking but after she received rejection after rejection after job interviews, she was determined to make her business a success. A local Boston news outlet picked up her story and within days, it went viral with over 160,000 cookies ordered and 37.6 million Facebook views! But Collette’s mission is more than just baking and selling delicious cookies. She is raising money to provide jobs for people with disabilities and you can help make this happen by donating here. She’s raised almost $60,000 so far!

Where to buy it: Online 


“Every pound saves a hound”

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Price: $9+

How they give back: Not only is Grounds & Hounds passionate about their delicious 100% Fair Trade and Organic coffee but about their love for rescuing dogs. 20% of all of their proceeds will be donated to one of their no-kill rescue partners located closest to you making the second-chance mission a reality. For every 30 bags of coffee sold, they are able to place an at-risk dog in the arms of one of their rescue partners. Learn more about who they partner with here

Where to buy it: Online or retail


“We make everyday products for good that help fund seven areas of need across the globe.”

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Location: San Clemente, CA

Price: $16.75+

How they give back: Project 7 is a specialty mint and gum brand who is passionate about flavor and simultaneously giving back to 7 different areas of need. Their products are produced in America but partner with organizations who make an impact in America and overseas. The 7 areas of need they reach are: Save the earth, house the homeless, feed the hungry, quench the thirsty, heal the sick, teach them well, and hope for peace. To date, 4.3 million trees have been planted, 1.2 million of hours of education given, 1.4 million months of clean water, 116,000 malaria treatments given and so much more. To learn more about each of these avenues of giving and their partners, click here

Where to buy it: Amazon


“Organic peanut butter. Lifesaving mission.”

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Price: $21.99+

How they give back: When you purchase a jar of this delicious, organic peanut butter, your purchase literally saves lives. How? Severe acute malnutrition (SAM) kills nearly 2.6 million kids under the age of 5 every year. The cure? MANA. MANA is a "ready-to-use therapeutic food - a fortified peanut butter-based medicine used to treat malnourished children." MANA is made of three simple ingredients: milk, vitamins and peanut butter. This is a very affordable cure that heals 96% of children who get access to it. Good Spread even helps you track your impact where each jar comes with a unique tracking code to see exactly where your pack of MANA is heading. 

Where to buy it: Amazon

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