4 Planners That Are Giving Back + Keeping You On Track

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Keeping with our January theme, we are sharing businesses that help us stay organized as business owners! It can be hard to keep track of #allthethings when we run our own businesses, so we gathered up a list of four planner companies that will not only help you keep track of #allthethings, but also incorporate giving back into their planner businesses! Which is what we’re all about!

So let’s get to it!

#1. Bloom Daily Planners

Bloom Daily Planners are not only gorgeous, but they have a strong will to inspire and encourage women globally to accomplish their dreams. Since their start, they “have worked with over 45 organizations, around the world, giving back in all sorts of capacities.” Currently, they are donating academic calendars to children. Check out their giving page on their website, linked here, to learn more.

#2. Denik Planners

Denik Planners are pretty and simple, plus they sell notebooks too! Since 2011, their grassroots artist team has grown to a community of artists and creatives. Their mission of “funding education projects through art and creativity” has spread worldwide. The Denik movement has successfully funded 5 schools as of 2018; two in Mali, one in Guatamala, one in Laos, and one in Ghana. Check out their Denik Schools page on their website, linked here, to learn more.

#3. InkWELL Press Planners

The InkWELL Press Planners are created for productivity and are beautifully handcrafted to help you live your busy life easier. In the spirit of family, they try to “make sure that giving back to others as part of the inkWELL Press® mission.” They give back Academic Year Planners to teachers at the start of each school year. In addition, they also have started the New Life Initiative, “to make a difference in how these women view their lives and empower them with the tools and confidence to begin their new lives.” Check out their giving back page on their website, linked here, to learn more.

#4. Passion Planner

The Passion Planner is a leather bound planner that helps you break down both short and long term goals to help you incorporate those into your everyday life. They believe that, “Everyone deserves the opportunity to dream big and pursue their goals.” Their Get One, Give One program donates one planner for every planner purchased, it actually allows you to make a direct impact in someone else’s life. They have delivered over 200,000 planners to people, and children, all over the world. Check out their give-one-get-one page on their website, linked here, to learn more.

We all need a planner, or some sort of organization, so why not grab one for the new year? Especially because YOU will be giving back with these companies! Have you ever used any of these planners in the past or do you know of any other planner companies that incorporate giving back in their business, share with us in the comments below.