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If you’re here you’re more than likely an entrepreneur who designed their own website and you’re feeling unsure about it. 

You put the hard work and did #allthethings for your website. From laying it out, to coming up with the right words, to finding the perfect photos, but you still fear you may have missed something or maybe you think it doesn’t make sense to your ideal client?

Then a Website Audit is the missing piece you’ve been missing.

With this audit I’ll step into two roles for you. First, I’ll step into the role of your ideal client and assess your website from their point of view. After that I’ll step into the role of a web designer and give you suggestions of how to make your website even better and rid you of that fear monster once and for all.

Ready to get started?

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The Benefits:

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1. Questionnaire

This questionnaire will dive deep into your business and your ideal client. Allowing me step into the role of your idea client and view your website through their eyes.

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2. Video

Recorded video of your audit to keep and view as often as you need.

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3. Checklist

A checklist of suggestions that will help improve your website and your relationship with your ideal client.

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How It Works:


 Ready to make this investment for your business?

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*I recommend giving yourself a couple days to fill out the questionnaire.

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