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Where Design & Giving Come Together.
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Your business embodies more than what you do; it’s a representation of who you are. Your business blends your passion and purpose while helping you serve communities of people with your unique gifts.

Your website should be built with your vision in mind.

At Left Coast Made, we take time to understand your bigger vision and goals before we touch your design. We work from a place of intention, strategy, and enthusiasm so your website design has heart and conversion power.



What we value at Left Coast Made



Our studio prides itself on not only our final product but also on delivering a memorable client experience that inspires every aspect of our design.



We join movements (like Giving Tuesday) that are greater than ourselves. We take our social responsibility seriously but also aim to have fun while giving back.



Left coasters don’t work harder; they work smarter. We’re committed to doing the work we love most (while outsourcing
the rest).


Honesty and transparency in business has a ripple effect that spreads across our communities. We're all better for it.


Our client process has been strategically designed to
deliver consistent results and value for our clients.



I’m so excited to meet you! I’m Lauren Brown, the lead designer and owner behind Left Coast Made, a design studio I started from my home in Long Beach, CA. Yes, waking up to palm trees is as amazing as it sounds.

I became an entrepreneur because, much like you, I wanted more creative freedom and flexibility to take on projects that truly mattered. Working with other creatives who value generosity and purposeful work as much as I do energizes me to create Squarespace websites for entrepreneurs who want to make a statement with the legacy and impact of their business.

When I’m not designing websites from my home studio, I’m usually taking an unplugged hike with a beach view, walking around the neighborhood with my corgi, or planning my next Giving Tuesday feature collection.

Think we might be a great fit for your website project? I’d love to hear more about what you’re envisioning!